The Portuguese Garden

Past, Present and Future

Friday/Saturday/Sunday May 1 / 2 / 3 Estoril, Lisbon

Monserrate Palace, Sintra

Keynote Speakers – Jorge Paiva & Gerald Luckhurst

“This event has been organised to reveal the unique character of gardens in Portugal, through their history, current projects and their future potential.”

For the first Spring Conference organised by our new Association we have chosen to invite you to learn more about the gardens of Portugal and the elements that have shaped them. We believe these gardens should be better known and have much to teach us about adapting to climate and conditions. The combination of historic and private gardens around Lisbon, and in Sintra with its special microclimate, give contrasts in landscape, style and vegetation.

The many elements that shaped gardens in Portugal produced great garden architecture with colourful tiles, pools and shaded walks enclosed by high walls. The major development of gardens came in the eighteenth century in Lisbon, though some have suffered from neglect. The gardens around Sintra came later in the following century when a more natural landscape design was preferred, with plants adapted to both the climate and terrain.

The use of plants from all corners of the globe illustrates the influence of Portuguese history and we will show modern trends towards use of native plants for sustainable gardens together with the future potential for garden tourism to support development, use and appreciation of gardens in Portugal.

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