The European Gardening Prize was awarded to Portugal in the first category of

“Best Development of a Historical Park or Garden”

the winner was the Park of Monserrate, Sintra (Portugal)


The European Garden Awards of the European Garden Heritage Network EGHN was awarded for the fourth time on 6 September 2013 at Schloss Dyck in Germany. The EGHN and the Schloss Dyck Foundation, Centre for Garden Art & Landscape Design presented, with the support of the tree nurseries Lorenz von Ehren, the three winners and six further finalists from nine European countries to an international professional audience. Winners of the European Garden Awards came from Great Britain, Portugal and Denmark. Six additional awards also went to Switzerland, Malta, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Germany.

The internationally composed jury – Mariachiara Pozzana (Italy), Gunnar Ericson (Sweden), Ed Bennis (Great Britain/USA), Alan Thornley (Great Britain), Roswitha Arnold, Stephan Lenzen, Jens Spanjer (all Germany) – valued the innovative concepts in implementation and management, urban planning aspects, questions of sustainability or the possibility for active participation as equally important in its decision as high quality standards in the new design, reinstatement or care.

These are aims the tree nursery Lorenz von Ehren of Hamburg also feels very strongly about and to which it is committed, so that particularly outstanding parks and gardens as well as special initiatives in gardening culture will be perceived more strongly in Europe.

“All in all the nine prize winners from the different countries in Europe stand for high quality and diversity in our garden culture. The European Garden Heritage Network EGHN wants to honour particularly outstanding landscapes as well as the commitment of individual initiatives with the European Garden Award“, says Jens Spanjer, Board of the Schloss Dyck Foundation and jury member.

Many thanks to Gerald Luckhurst for alerting us to this important award.

Further information about the winners and finalists:

First category for “Best Development of a Historic Park or Garden” awarded to Monserrate Park, Sintra.

The decision of the jury for Monserrate Park as the winner of the European Garden Award in the category for “Historical Parks” was made not least because of the magic and romantic atmosphere that it still has to day. Meanwhile we should really say “again today” as the comprehensive redevelopment and reconstruction of the park was only completed in the past 20 years. In 1995 the park was recognised by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site as part of the palaces and parks in Sintra. For this outstanding result, to which the association of “Friends of Monserrate” had made a great contribution, the park and all people involved were honoured this year. Monserrate owes its establishment to an English tradesman, who built his residence in Portugal there. He and other English owners, as well as the architects and garden owners contracted by them, have created a park in the course of many years, in which the various eras of its history – and also its intermittent oblivion – can to this day be traced and experienced in diverse layers and garden areas. Light and shadow, exotic and rare plants, winding paths and breath-taking views, but even new garden sections, such as the rose garden that was opened in the year 2011 by the Prince of Wales, make a visit to Monserrate, in spite of the many other wonderful parks in Portugal, an unique, fascinating and therefore a “prize worthy” event.

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