Know your friends, and your enemies, in a mediterranean garden


Saturday 2nd March at 10.00am – talks by Roy Lancaster & Jim Gardiner cost €15 per person (includes coffee break) at Sheraton Pine Cliffs Hotel, Praia de Falesia, Albufeira. Numbers limited.

 One of the great dilemmas facing those making a garden in the mediterranean climate is choosing the right plants.  We know this from the questions of many people who visit our events about “what will grow in my garden ?”  Unfortunately, what will grow in our gardens is not always available for us to buy, and many plants which will not grow in our gardens are available to buy !

We have all been seduced by the gorgeous and enormous flowering shrub/plant/tree in the garden centre, which, when we get it home and plant it, promptly dies on us. This is not necessarily the fault of the gardener, but it certainly does nothing for our self confidence. We aim to repair your confidence and provide some inspiration for informed plant choices with our programme of talks and visits in early March.

An opportunity to learn more about the plants of all the mediterranean zones of the world will be offered at our 2nd Spring Conference weekend being held on the Algarve from Friday March 1st.   A full programme includes talks on mediterranean plants, alien invasive plants in Portugal, and the global contribution of plants available to us from the mediterranean flora. Get to know your friends, and potential enemies, in the garden. All are welcome to join us for a very special weekend of horticultural delights organised by the Mediterranean Garden Society.  We have many visitors from other MGS branches coming to the Algarve and this is a great opportunity to meet and share gardening gossip with other experienced mediterranean gardeners. Come for one of the talks, have lunch or dinner and maybe stay overnight at our lovely conference venue.


We are very pleased to welcome Mr Roy Lancaster, OBE VMH, renowned plantsman, plant hunter and author. He will talk to us on “New Ones, Old Ones, Loved Ones, Neglected Ones”. A personal selection of plants suitable for Mediterranean gardens. This will include plants in gardens (including his own) and in the wild. A very rare opportunity to hear this world famous, popular and enthusiastic speaker with his personal selection of plants suitable for Mediterranean gardens. Roy is famous for growing rare plants from the seeds which stuck to his socks on plant hunting expeditions !   He is well known for his television and radio contributions and excellent articles on rare and unusual plants.

Other speakers include Mr Jim Gardiner, Director of Horticulture at the Royal Horticultural Society Mr John Fielding on mediterranean bulbs for the garden and Dr Elizabete Marchante from Coimbra University on “Invasive Plants in Portugal” a controversial but essential topic which is sure to spark a lively debate. There will also be seed sales from the MGS central scheme, Algarve natural history book sales, antiquarian books, maps and prints of Portugal. Information on MGS members gardens open over the weekend, local plant nurseries, walks and good locations to view wild flowers will be distributed at the conference.

Please note the new venue for this event. The conference and all talks will be at the Pine Cliffs Sheraton Algarve resort. The resort is a well known quality venue and makes lavish use of typical Portuguese tile panels and friezes. The buildings are all low rise with a strong Moorish design using white walls, small intimate courtyards and elegant arches. The gardens and grounds are maintained to a very high standard but we will be casting a critical eye over their maintenance methods during an afternoon guided walk. There is ample free on site car parking.  All are welcome to join us for some inspiration and encouragement in our mediterranean gardening.

Full programme, bookings and details from Rosie Peddle Tel 289791869 or email  Venue